A shared USSD code is a code that is shared among different users. This option is less expensive and is currently the most preferred choice for up and coming businesses.

With a shared USSD code, you have the extra option of adding as many sub-codes (extensions) as possible. Eg: *713*20*xxx#.

You can search for and acquire a shared USSD service code directly from your Hubtel Unity account.

To acquire a shared code, follow the process outlined below:

  • Login to your Hubtel unity account here
  • Scroll down and click on Request USSD shortcode.

  • Follow the steps on the screen (with the arrows) to successfully navigate though it.

Step 1: Select your preferred USSD Code from the dropdown.

Step 2: Select your preferred USSD Sub-code from the dropdown.

Step 3: View the Details of the code selected.

Step 4: View the available networks for the selected code.

Step 5: Select the desired rental period. kindly note that codes can only be acquired on quarterly basis. This means the available options are 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.

Step 6: View the total cost of the code rental

Step 7: Provide a brief but useful description of the intended use of the code. Eg A USSD survey application for collecting data from field officers.

Step 8: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 

Step 9: Click Pay Make We Go to confirm the details of the request. You will be directed to a confirmation page afterwards.

  • Review the purchase order and confirm. Kindly note that clicking the Pay Now button will automatically debit your Hubtel Credit account and activate your code (pending approval from Hubtel).

  • The confirmation message will be seen on the screen as you are redirected to view the codes on the account.

Once the code is approved by Hubtel, the status will change to Approved.