The Hubtel Premium Messaging Service enables Content Providers to manage subscriptions, charge and deliver content to mobile users at a premium rate. This means a subscriber will be charged higher than standard SMS rates for receiving an SMS.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the service and their respective answers.

 I am interested in creating a premium messaging service with Hubtel, How do I start?

The process for a premium messaging service starts with the following:

a. Create a Unity account
b. Place a service request
c. Integrate with Premium Billing API’s
d. Run a User Acceptance Test (UAT) to confirm everything works fine.

Are there restrictions to the kind of services that are allowed?

Yes, ensure that the content you provide:

a. Is unlawful, obscene, or defamatory or violates any intellectual property Rights or any other rights of any third party;
b. Does not facilitate any illegal activity;
c. Does not contain any sexually explicit content or images;
d. Is not false or likely to mislead or deceive people.
e. Does not promote violence, discrimination, or illegal activities.

How long does it take to setup an premium messaging service with Hubtel.

A new service request can take up to 120 days. This also depends on how quick you implement the API’s and how quick your services are approved by the various Mobile Network Operators.

Do I have an account manager assigned to me?

Yes, you will be assigned an account manager to help you with your account needs.

What Shortcodes do you provide for Premium Billing messages?

Shared Codes and Dedicated Codes.

What API’s do I need to implement for integration?

You need to implement our Send SMS API or Receive SMS API. You can choose between SMPP or HTTP connections.

How do I contact you for technical support?

If you need technical support for issues you can raise a ticket on your Unity account or send an email to

How long does it take to receive my payout.

Payouts are sent to clients every quarter.

What is the payout percentage?

Refer to our Terms of Business for details on royalty payouts.

What are the available options for receiving payouts?

The channel for payouts is usually Bank Transfers.

How do I see my overall revenue?

Your overall revenue is easily accessible on your Unity dashboard.

What billing channels are available for a premium service?

The billing channels available are mainly SMS and WAP. However, you can also use Web and USSD channels to gain subscribers but not necessarily for billing.